Since its introduction to the market last year, it has not been possible to use the QP1R as a USB DAC. As one of the most strongly requested features for the Questyle DAPs, it has been a top priority for the engineering team and code writers at Questyle Audio to develop a solution to this limitation.

Today, we are pleased to announce that with a new firmware upgrade, v1.0.7, and a newly developed special driver, you will now be able to use your QP1R, not only as the best sounding portable player on the market, but as the best sounding USB DAC as well!!
The new USB DAC mode supports True DSD64 / DSD128, native, as well as PCM up to 192k/24bit. Furthermore, in USB DAC mode, the QP1R still utilizes Questyle’s patented fully discrete, Pure Class A, "Current Mode Amplification" technology!! Recommended players include Jriver & Foobar, which can be downloaded from: or

The new firmware v1.0.7 and the accompanying driver that will be needed to work with it will be available for download from our website on Monday August 30th, by going to and selecting the driver tab. This, like all past firmware upgrades, will be absolutely free of charge!

We will continue to work on adding additional features in future firmware updates as they are possible, such as Artist/Album/Song sorting and Folder Play Through, to name just a couple.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased a QP1R and hope that it continues to bring you much listening enjoyment for years to come!

Happy listening,
Team Questyle