CMA600i DAC with HP Amplifier


An All-in-One gear integrating sound quality and fine art

CMA600i inherits Questyle Audio flagship headphone amplifier patent "Current Mode Amplification" technology, adopts all discrete circuit design, working in pure class A status. Thus it can provide best sound required ultra-low distrotion (0.00042%) and DC-600kHz (+0,-3dB) untra-wide frequency. Plus the high quality sound performance, CMA600i is capable to challenge world class Hi-end headphone amplifiers.

CMA600i is equipped with 4-pin full balanced output and dual 6.35mm standard headphone jacks. When the 4-pin full balanced output is working to drive a headphone, there are 4 groups of pure Class A and Current Mode amplification circuits output double voltage, and bringing quadruple power, so it can easily drive any high impedance headphones.

CMA600i inherits Questyle patented "True DSD converting" technology. CMA600i drives program directly and processes DSD source code of PC, and CMA600i hardware provides special DSD channel to process the signal strictly under SACD standard. As Mac OS doesn't support True DSD converting, CMA600i is also designed to convert DoP signal.

CMA600i is designed with an independe Pre-amp, following "Current Mode Amplification" patent technology. The Pre-amp uses independent circuit, output with RCA and XLR cable, max amplitude with 4Vrms and 8Vrms separately. Volume control is handled in analog way with ALPS motor potentiometer. CMA600i is equipped with a remote control, convenient in driving active speakers.


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